New Apocrypha

by Erik Fredriksen

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Recorded over the past year, this album was intended to be a larger spanning project. This release is a sketch of the concept, including two characters, a multitude of musical genres and a loose narrative. There is The Prophet, who intends to start a new religion, and The Beloved, who becomes roped into the Prophet's plans. Most lyrics are musings by the characters based on their situation. The individual track descriptions contain the character(s) singing and the lyrics. There are two music videos for this album, linked below.

Ecstasy of Divinity:


released April 17, 2017

All instruments, vocals, composition and production were by Erik Fredriksen.


all rights reserved



Erik Fredriksen Virginia

Erik Fredriksen is a composer, recording engineer, performer and educator based out of Baltimore, MD. Every EP is written and produced completely differently. Contact and more info below. All music is free for download; donations are appreciated.

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Track Name: A Tremor
A tremor comes and goes at night,
Singing hallelujah!
The end is always within sight
A steady shower above the fire
A beeping sound and blood is taken
Diagnosis of messiah
A mental shift to something bright
Signing hallelujah!

Sitting still in artificial light
Imagination is alive
To receive further instructions
Is survival such a crime?

My freedom garden lighting up
In a tetralogy of nonsense
A closed box triptych, trapping me
In my own self-negligence

A creeping feeling of discomfort
A twine that leads me all the way back
The caverns start to lose importance
Exploring them allows me to slack
I need a guide to help me throughout
But the call is much too hard
God is dead and I am nothing
But it’s hard to reach so far


Endless being of fire
Hydra lost in its feelings
An emotion personified somehow
Extrapolate a story quickly

Scan the area around, ready?
Blood from his chest makes a sound, steady
Wings begin to sprout and grow, screaming
“I don’t understand anything”
Fuck the powers that I’ve received, I just
Wanna think about you and me
I begin to grow fire
I begin to grow fire

The darkest light can be

A new city what a concept
And inside a church of welcoming people
They put you on a pedestal
Inside you feel so feeble
(Psychological warfare, infinite damage)
(You worship me but I am merely a demiurge)

Eviscerate the contents of my heart
Leaving me the hollow shell of Gods
Anthropomorphize them because
I know nothing of the concept of love
I am God and God is a whore
I ruin lives and u still want more
I begin to grow fire
I begin to grow fire


When my affection is lost in translation
Of course it's my fault, it's my creation
We've infinite hearts with different cardinalities
Is my love simplistic, or too lost in mapping to me

And I, create a requiem
Of letters that barely conjoin in earthly grammar
And my, eyes dilate cause of them
I let my feelings get involved

Unrequited off white color blurs to shade
I did things you will never, ever understand
The fire hydra was supposed to unite
But I failed, but I failed

And I, create religion
Man made architecture as a substitute for unknown feelings
And I, follow the feeling
The most incomplete structures they'll ever study


And we are, looking for a way inward
And time lost in retrospection is regrettable.
But we are looking for something bigger than ourselves
Than anyone around us
And losing that purpose means there’s nothing, nothing at all!

When we lack the ability to scream
There’s nothing, nothing
When my most trusted one makes me feel
Lite nothing, nothing at all

When their arm comes from above and reinforces the idea
that I am nothing, nothing
There is never ever going to be a time where I am not lost in the blackness that is
Nothing, this nothing I am

Artificial light distracts me from the endless flaws in my character and body, in which I get discouraged because I am
Nothing, nothing
I weave throughout endless pillars of meaninglessness to come to terms with the fact that I am
Nothing, nothing at all

I weep for the sheer fact that we are
Nothing, nothing
Will I ever get out of here and look farther than my physical form and finally reach outside the electric bounds that are this
Nothing, nothing

I wait for something to be there
In this nothing, nothing
I keep waiting, for anything
Track Name: Movement
Waiting for another breakthrough to fill in the colors
I keep waiting for us to love one another
There is so little inside of me, unfortunately aqueous
I could not possibly feel smaller

Worthless pile stuck in my mud
I build a hut from the endless rage
I must stay in the mess I’ve made
What a grave mistake

Ah, these weakened bones
Ah, what a mysterious tone

It sings so softly in the purple sunset
My form follows it

Watch their movement, there’s something untouched in the dirt
Watch my movement, I feel strange and introverted
Watch their movement, there’s something awry
Watch my movement, my scabs multiply

I awake in flame

When did I become so useless?
A man on fire stuck in endless ocean
Red as the sun when it rises upon the burnt
Discrete events, infinite influence
Illiterate and mute, frothing at the esophagus
Unsure of the sickness so I I simply retch in acceptance
I’m sure that this limb had some sort of function
Before I decided to rip it off

I awake in flame

Drawing art that appears to have purpose
My heart fragile as an insect
Tears through your skin without mercy, parasitic
Killed through a single intentional movement

Such atrocity, poems overflowing with nonsensical vernacular
Slice up uncultured intestine, fuck your idiotic soul
Sometimes I spread my arms out a little and
scream like the fortress has been penetrated by the
meek, feed me your strange resolve
Allow me to live a life not premeditated

Inferno that dilates my eyes with passion flowing into my subconscious
Flammable feelings, vegetable incarnate
Sometimes I imagine that it is all in order in spite of you and
hate everything that tries to topple my virtuous
wait in some utilitarian fashion
Though I am aware I am merely extraneous
When did I become so useless?

I awake in flame
Track Name: Mechanical Brilliance
There is never a life that is perfect so I create one
I was never once frozen as I gazed upon fleeting unknown

A strange state of flux
A terror abounds
I tend to my garden
Of misshapen ground

We find crutches upon which we prop ourselves up in this city
If you use words to paint strange revealings and stains, there is pity

I volunteer in death
This life is no longer mine
The cross of st peter
A lost portion of time

A word is a collection of translations of manipulation and desire
I spread my art through melodies that encompass a choir

I feel growth in the world as I elaborate on apocrypha
I cultivate lovely feelings from all across the world
A vulture appears from dusk
I find myself revolting
A cannibalistic aura
I know longer know what is happening

My skin turned red as heat inside my heart
The wings were beautiful, mechanical brilliance, calculated art
I find purpose in order, is there God in chaos and fire
My chess game is irregular, no matter how we start
Track Name: Ecstasy of Divinity
I wrote this, controlling, disgusting, thing
To love
Misplaced greed, a creed of malpractice

I discard a browning leaf for the cleanliness of the road
Your meekness is worthless in constructing my abode
Insulate me from the cold of the endless blizzard
I know awaits my humble code

Losing touch with everyone

I keep getting lost in storylines of me
appreciate the ecstasy of divinity
The world is amorphous, and I shape it with my feet
Arguments of exemplary amounts of lucidity

I wake like a spider having caught it’s prey
I grind my teeth and wrap around to suffocate
I taste the marrow of the bones I break

We’re free, to love
Discovering the sickness our demons
Eliminate your perception of destiny
And listen to my sermon

What I would give to trounce this nothing
My heart stays locked and black
I construct metallic artificial wings
I just want to come back


Fire breathing, fire breathing close to my hair
I’m prone to meaninglessness

It’s complicated, I say, screaming into the small room I inhabit
Wrapped in bandages from the day before

Dirty, so dirty in my swamp of decaying matter
I yearn for anything that could be interpreted as more!

My body is no longer mine, another recipe for wine
The spirit crumbles to nothing, no more mentality to shine

I am raw, mentally and otherwise
We seem calmer than usual
I speak but there is only silent roar
I flail but the only movement is of the blood
Eviction from a human place
Creating the strangest sort of moan
They strangle me so,
They strangle me so

I rip off pieces of skin since I am no longer human
A clay manifestation of scripture, am I supposed to feel pure?

We’re free, to hurt
Discovering how to talk about ourselves
There is no such thing as destiny
And love yourself

You’re really hurting me! You’re really hurting me!
My brain is turning into a hole
The color of my eyes, I peer into the skies
Of many divided hearts and souls
Track Name: Prototypical

My skin is inflamed in proto-religious activity
A strange reaction to a divine extrapolation of my body
This proto-prophet has misconstrued that which has happened to me
And in his description of plot, my purpose is a tormented effigy

His views summarize to proto-fascist control

You forgive one sin but you prototype another
How can I ascend to the sky when I feel it all
Like a dove exiting my corpse
Suffering splayed open, intoxicated I crawl

My brain degrades
The feeling lowers to a vibration
The paper crane
Fragile in its manipulation

My wings of fire have lost all their feathers in war
I've tamed the snakes and flailed in the sea of gore
I'd think opening up our bodies would be enough for you
The loss of blood throughout the infected wounds

His views summarize to proto-fascist control


I lie confused inside an
Unknown vat of strange liquid
My brain becomes so scrambled
Mixed into a concoction of shit
And those couple dark little extra dark things
They linger there for me to ponder
Any sort of orifice that blood can bleed through
Sprouts forth into an unending fire

My brain degrades
The feeling lowers to vibration
The paper crane
Fragile in its manipulation


You’re gonna fucking tell me it’s ok!
My damn intestines are in disarray
My skin fuses with the inside of me
I thought that I was fighting valiantly
You made it all feel fucking incomplete
I lost my mind in fucking travesty
I’m nothing but fucking insanity
I fucking hate the shit inside of me


Tormented fades to dust
I feel feathers on my wings
The creeping moment blinds me
Into believing things

My likeness is propaganda
Perhaps I could be loved throughout the earth
Wipe the blood off my face
My God, I’m losing my composure

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