Orange Golgotha

by Erik Fredriksen

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This EP was created to be performed. Below is a playlist to listen to the EP as well as a livestreamed full performance. As scientists realize that spiritual energy has a physical component, their studies to control it clash with a growing societal movement to accept the energy into our bodies. Orange Golgotha is available on all major streaming services.

"An orange energy poured out of his ribs, infecting the room with its power. The body, violently manipulated to create a cage, beckoned to the heavens with the outline of a misshapen skull."​


released February 23, 2018

Erik Fredriksen - All


all rights reserved



Erik Fredriksen Virginia

Erik Fredriksen is a composer, recording engineer, performer and educator based out of Baltimore, MD. Every EP is written and produced completely differently. Contact and more info below. All music is free for download; donations are appreciated.

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Track Name: Ritualization
We wander these fumes together
I see a river, your body above
I hesitate to look at the name
The arial ash like snow leaves me rough

I feel like you
I feel like I don’t know why I follow you

Melting winter, I can see such unlimited life
Time passes slower every second
Flail chest, strange river of light
And then my screaming gets all quiet
Obscure the sun
the planets all align
Eschatological estimations
A feeling so divine

A lack of energy cripples me
She picks me apart, I can’t help but swallow it
No correlation between the victims
A conspiracy theory full of shit
The N-dimensional beings above don’t understand my feeble brain
My livelihood stuck in a spiritual quest
A miraculously cultured flame
Track Name: Blue Garden
You are a love in my soul
With a personal touch
I envelop myself in the substance that I learn to love

And now it’s become incredible
Consume until it’s incredible
Remain until our stars collide
And I can love you every night

I wish I had wings to fly
And keep up with you in the sky
A million feelings to derive, and I explode a million times
Track Name: Healing Pool
My pagan roots usurp my history
A culture six feet under these city walls
I’ve not recovered from the troubling of the water
I wonder which angel will save me now

Scraping, off this horrible dirt
Buildings, my morals all distort
An endless reservoir

Place of the skull
I remain aghast at the darkness from an eclipse
Place of the skull
Wood is torn apart by time, and I know that I’m gonna slip

Curious infatuation with the end times
Painting every organ with a deadline

Scraping, off this horrible dirt
Buildings, my morals all distort
(An endless reservoir)

Place of the skull
Stainless steel replaces cartilage
Place of the skull
I can’t let my sadness force me into sacrilege

There’s an orange blood clot in my heart
We understand as much as we choose our part
Track Name: The Seance
Suddenly, the ground beneath
Brutal sound, deafening wind
Though my nerves

Create elegance of orange hue through my bewilderment
Impenetrable smoke, unfathomable strength

Death is an odorless beast
That drives me to the brink of despair
Will my vision continue to function
Will my carcass absorb the glare

A cage of ribs attached
Our perception of God is obsolete
Bloody Golgotha
Neanderthalic teeth

Wrapped in intestine
A pagan ritual waterfall
A sculpture
My hand to my heart

Death is an odorless beast
That drives me to the brink of despair
Will my vision continue to function
Will my carcass absorb the glare

Death is an odorless beast
That drives me to the brink of despair
Terroristic n-dimensional explosions
A strange ghost that begs me to stare

Naturally constructed organic portal
An incomplete design, send my mind outside the walls
Blue rainwater attempts to soothe my mind
Track Name: Opening
In the strangest winter I have ever found
I pick at a rib thrust into me
Unresponsive wakefulness, human error abound
I lose you to nothing, I lose everything

High mortality rate, 2 cigarettes
Steady hand, steady mind
Hallucinating color, patient zero
Shaking hand, salt and lime

Nuclear winter
I wanna soak it in
Wanna soak it up again
I am afraid
I see you in the distance
Satellite this dimension

The body self-destructed in the dead of evening
I could see it as day
This hospital’s a jail; I am moved to a secure location

Blood loss increases exponentially
My hands aren’t enough, the spirit fades
They’re awake through it all, the pupils dilate
A sterile description remains

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