Nebulous Material

by Erik Fredriksen

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About mental health


released June 2, 2018

Everything done by Erik Fredriksen


all rights reserved



Erik Fredriksen Virginia

Erik Fredriksen is a composer, recording engineer, performer and educator based out of Baltimore, MD. Every EP is written and produced completely differently. Contact and more info below. All music is free for download; donations are appreciated.

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Track Name: Translator
I was a leader before I stopped caring
I was a martyr before I got the fuck up
Excuses confuses what I choose to be real
And how my legs are now only metal and love

Clouds like black pearls in my system
Tree vines define how I am not them
She extends her roots to the ends of the earth
And I can't make it past the first bend

I'm not here anymore
Vortex of space
We write off the sky
Windows of lace

Wait, I need you to me mine
The goddess I can’t find
Translators of the world
Please help me through the brine

Walking through the mist
The ender of the sky
Hands of an arsonist
Fire in my eyes

My ribs are splayed out for the world
Face is ripped off, painted forever
Vegetable helpless but not fearless
I just want to die
Track Name: Reinvigoration of the Subconscious Mind
A new development reinvigorates the mind
Evisceration of the heart of an innocent fly
There’s an obligation somewhere in this mess of a room
To leap out of this remote location into the sky

Sickening existentialism
Past witty observations are obsolete
Manifestation of overconfidence
Get your fucking black hole away from me

The moon will shine its light on me in two hours
I regress into a mindless creature

Reprehensible behavior, you illiterate fuck
Scream like butterflies have infested my stomach
Subtext’s a fleeting sensation willfully forgotten
I find my storyline of recovery disrupted

Reprehensible postmodernism
Cynical acceptance of addictive personality
I can’t believe I let me exist
I can’t feel guilty now, I can’t feel guilty now

The moon will shine its light on me in two hours
I regress into a mindless creature
When a simple image makes this daze lasts longer
I fear a dangerous urge

Dry air, burning stare
Beauty like waterfalls, strange shimmer
Cherry blossom hieroglyphics
Acrylic clarity fumes into the air

Euphoria, chorea

Watercolor impressionistic ramblings
Meaninglessness so beautiful
Climb back thru my romanticized auto bio pic
And carve out the ideal soul

And I need, concrete reasoning to fight it
My happiness is limited
Am I doomed to a life of inadequacy

But I believe, in my soul as a useful entity
And my will to exist as I am
Approaching contentment I wake up too late again

Any monkey with a shred of brain learns from their mistakes
A healthy single volume is better than a corrupted triptych
You will never understand how much I hate you
You make me sick
Track Name: I Reach Out to the Sky
I’ve watching you from across the room
Seeing how you grow and prosper
How I’ve grown to love you

I imagine magma eating my body
Such a burning sensation could only be caused by love
I latch on to death as it drives so near to me
At this point it's intuition, a fucking internalized routine

Creation of an imaginary hole,
Should I be ashamed

Fire is a motif that seems so inviting
But it is dampened by things so natural
And heightened to a degree so out of control
By fits of passion and catalysts unfortunate

Gerund am I, words cannot describe my state of mind
Numbers are obsolete compared to my objects
I aim to simplify my understanding
And create motivation and positivity in myself

I wait, the inevitability of the dark
My constraints are self imposed, making fate
There is no torment or sadness, just a mind
of scientific progress

Creation of an imaginary hole,
Should I be ashamed
For the remnants feel so real
A new reference frame

The morning dew makes shivers down my spine
Everything with fix itself in time
Gonna sit on the warm side of the moon
Observing all the warmth created by you

When I get better, I hope you’ll still be there
I’m fixing myself for you and for me
I swear that I’m trying, I hate that I’m losing
I want to be happy for you and for me

I wait, the inevitability of the dark
My constraints are self imposed, making fate
There is no torment or sadness, just a mind
of scientific progress

Oh in the back in my mind near an exit
I work to clear a path but my compass is broken
An amorphous black begins to swallow up my legs
I freeze; the night has won this time, and I concede
The sky opens up and an abomination appears
Consisting of all human interpretations of evil
When I think of it I flail involuntarily
For the redness is so frightening
A projection of a narrative fulfilled by my self-destruction
I constructed blue to retain my humanity
The morning is slow but sure
The beast draws ever near
Who could possibly believe these tales of absurdity
Nothing matters
Everything remains
Track Name: Hand in Hand
Grieving like a hopeless romantic
I am space time just wrapping round your mind
Just waiting, waiting
For you to come inside
Oh the feeling of love on my skin
A scientist observing his lover
Experiment, experiment
Breaking through the warped covers

Where is the world I grew up in?
Where is the peace in all the din?

Gods are the stars and they are shining upon me
I remember when I knew nothing of the world
And I was just painting, painting
Onto this canvas of feelings and words

None of these things seem real to me and I don't know
I just can't seem to understand...
I thought I was an intellect, I thought I was a sort of higher being
Holding you, clutching to, us two, hand in hand

And I reveal the snow to the world
Analyzation of how our limbs curl around
I am the fire I don't give in, don't give up, never give in
Collapse the ice
So I can swim again

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